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...who am I ?


Right from the begining I was fascinated by the Stars. In winter on the way to my grandparents the 3 stars of the belt of Orion came out behind the Bichlalm one of our local mountains. I had to find out which stars they are...

First I observed the constellations. Later I got my first telescope - a TASCO 114 mm Newtowian-Teleskop (siehe below) - and I discovered the universe with the moon, planets and distant starclusters and nebulae. I found out how few people look to the stars in a clear night - did you ever see a falling star?

Later with a C8 I startet imaging and was captivated to get objects which you´ll never see with the naked eye. With long exposures you can discover the colossal beauty of our universe, and our mind doesn´t suffice to imagine how endless it is. At the gallery you can find some of these views. Maybe then you also feel the fascination I feel whenever I look to the night sky...



SOCCER - my first passion...

Little "Beckenpaur"

From the beginning soccer was my greatest sportive passion- on this picture you can see my first team, made just before a championship game in Kufstein ( front 2nd from right).


Soccer tournament in Aschau - the FC Gschwari was the winner with a memorable 1:0 win against the big rival FC Prax!
Man, we were young these days! (front right)


Training camp of FC Eurotours Kitzbühel in Mallorca (2nd from left behind). I spent nearly my whole youth at the soccer club
of Kitzbühel - a great time!


...but you don´t become younger and one day there may come an injury.......after the 3rd rupture of the cruciate ligament and because of an inflammation of my knee with following chondral destruction (Grade IV) I had 14 surgeries until today. Soccer is of course finished long...


An osteotomy and spongiosal plastic should unload my very narrow joint space and so reduce the pain because of the destroyed chondral...


...bone material from the hip is put into the manually opened shinbone head and so reduces the compression of the inner joint space and so stops the pain when walking.


...but as I got bad arthrosis and a cartilage damage over the past years all the problems increased. So I  got a artificial knee replacement in 2016 ...



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