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My garden Observatory

here you can find the construction story
of my observatory:

In summer and fall 2005 I made a long childhood dream come true - my own small observatory.

Thanks to my landlord, who allowed me to use the grassland besides my garden, I could build up a 3x3m roll-off-roof cottage.

Itīs an ordinary summerhouse with 45mm walls which I modified for use as an observatory. Even Iīm not a perfect do it yourself guy I made it working. So you can see it wasnīt too hard....

But it was more work than I thought- first it should

have been finished much earlier. But as I just

worked in the evening after the job and on the

weekends it took the whole summer to finish it

finally in fall 2005.

But now itīs exactly as I wanted it...

Special thanks to Mr. Drax, my landlord, who allowed me to use his property.

Also my dad helped me with tools and tipps concerning the concrete base and pier.

My collegues Peter Tischler und Philip Noack helped with the piers of the roll off roof and my old friend Mundl was here for the truss, roofing and electric installation + alarm system.

Thanks also to my girlfried Kathrin - she was missing me all the time when I was working in the lot.

THANKS to all who helped me - without you it wouldnīt be that what it is today!



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